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A range of recycled card in various styles, colours and sizes.
Suitable for making cards, rubber stamping, writing paper, labels, making boxes, computer printer paper, packing/wrapping.
It is available in A4, A3 or A5 sizes and comes in several grades.
You can order all of these boards through our online store.

  Recycled Card

Most of our recycled paper and boards will work without any problems through the vast majority of Ink Jet printers etc. (excluding the metallics). However if you're not sure, it's best to check that your printer can take 250-280g board as this may invalidate your guarantee. We advise customers to run a trial with our papers etc. as we cannot guarantee the suitability of individual boards/papers with every style/make of printer.
(As a rough guide, most work fine with ink jets, some printers don't like the creases in the cards, so have to be folded after printing. Copiers don't like textured papers, or the metallics. Not so sure about laser printers, ours handles all the smooth papers perfectly OK but best to do your own trials before buying in bulk.)
For volume user's we are happy to quote for bulk discounts.

Recycled Card Standard Quality: A4 or A5 size 75-100% recycled board,

Board: Thickness: 250 to 300gsm (varies from colour to colour). A range of good quality boards suitable for most craft uses.
Colours Standard:

Smooth White, Ivory, Pale Blue, Pale Lilac, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Amethyst, Royal Blue, Mid Blue, Aquamarine, Holly Green,
Spring Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Scarlet, Claret, Sandstone, Ribbed Brown, Hairy Manilla,
Chocolate Brown, Silver Grey, Mid Grey, Black.
Plus Textured board: Hammer White, Hammer Ivory, Ribbed White.
Sizes available: A4 (210x297mm) or A5 (148x210mm).
(suitable matching clear display bags & envelopes are also available.)

Recycled Card Superior Quality: A4 or A5 size 30-100% recycled content

Board: High quality 250 to 300gsm, recycled board with natural finish. (The difference between our standard grade and our superior quality boards have slightly better feel / texture / have inclusions in. However both are
of similar weight and do the job just as well. Really it comes down to personal preference.)
Colours Superior: Felt Natural, Felt Cream, Sunshine, White Straw, Cream Straw, Banana,
Gold, Silver plus new Silver Fleck.
Sizes available: A4 (210x297mm) or A5 (148x210mm).
(suitable clear display bags & envelopes are also available.)

Recycled Card 150g: Size A4. 100% recycled content
A range of A4 recycled card suitable for computer use. At 150gsm this range of cards is light enough to go through most computer printers with no trouble at all, yet thick enough to make into greetings cards. More colours may be available later depending on demand.

A) STD Ivory 150gsm [same smooth colour as our STD Ivory]
B) SPR Wheatmeal Cream 150gsm [cream ground with tiny flecks in. A very nice slightly rustic card lightly textured].
Sizes available: A4 (210x297mm).

Corrugated Sheet : A4 or A5 size 100% recycled content.
Large Sheets of micro corrugated paper made from recycled paper. Great for making your own fancy boxes, packaging or even Greetings Cards! Easy to cut with scissors Please note this is a genuine 100% recycled material and will contain a number of spots & flecks in
each sheet.(Larger sheets are available to special order, phone for details.)
Sheet Size: 630mm x 440mm (approx. 25x18", may vary slightly from sheet to sheet).
Colours: Brown Only!
(We know other colours are available but as they aren't recycled we won't be stocking them.)

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